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How to Nail the Launch of A New Product

Ready to launch a new product on an e-com platform like Amazon? Whether you run a private label or wholesale business, there are important considerations to make to ensure your product sells well, wins you the Buy Box, gives you high margins and sets your business on a path for long-term growth.

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A Guide to Help Define Your Product Strategy: Wholesale or Private Label


PROs of Wholesale

– You do not have to create, invent, or design a new product.
– You can often buy in smaller quantities than private label.

CONs of Wholesale

– You are at the mercy of the brand owner.
– While you may make some quick cash, you are not growing anything that you own.

Private Label

PROs of Private Label

– You own it. Nobody can take away your brand.
– Margins are often higher than Wholesale.

CONs of Private Label

– Requires up-front capital to invest in the product.
– Need to invest time in extensive research.

After you’ve decided whether to create your own product or sell wholesale, then its time for sourcing, marketing, sales, rinse and repeat.


Read on for strategies and tips to set your next product launch up for success


– Minimum Viable Stock Level
– Sales Velocity
– Reorder Point
– Staying in Stock


– Keyword Optimization
– Sponsored Products Campaigns
– External Channels
– Influencers


– Loans
– Existing Product Revenue
– Friends & Family
– Accounts Receivables


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